Bitcoin Jack’s BTC trading is based on a list of risks and components

Well-known Twitter personality Bitcoin Jack, who tweets as @BTC_JackSparrow, joined Cointelegraph’s Crypto Trading Secrets podcast for an interview, which was recorded on Dec. 19. Jack covers many topics in the episode, including how he looks at the crypto space and prioritizes timing over price levels — “when” over “where.” Jack analyzes the crypto market based on a self-made list of possible risk factors. 

“When I look at ‘when,’ I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and what I want to see in the market to happen before I kind of think that the list of risks dissipate out of the market enough,” he explained when answering a question about Bitcoin’s (BTC) price at the time of recording.

Jack mentioned that he maintains a personal list that includes crypto industry entities, global economic factors and other components. With that list, he weighs the risks and effects of its interconnected components and uses that to form his opinion on Bitcoin’s price and expectations going forward.

Jack’s list includes questions about Silvergate and the possible negative effects it could have on the crypto industry if his concerns about the company prove true. In part, one of his questions pertains to allegations about the firm’s ties to FTX, with at least one lawsuit claiming that Silvergate helped FTX conduct illegal operations.

The list is seemingly a complex tally of intertwined items that he thinks could impact Bitcoin’s price. “We’re just discovering more and more and more stuff,” he said regarding the crypto industry details unfolding. He explained that using this list and weighing the risks, in tandem with technical analysis, helps him conclude the price level at which he might decide to buy Bitcoin.

The interview with Jack included a host of other conversational points, such as Jack’s programming experience and endeavors, the origin of his Twitter name, and more. Part of Cointelegraph’s new line of podcasts, Crypto Trading Secrets interviews crypto traders, investors, analysts and other personalities about topics focused on the crypto trading and investing world.

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