Cointelegraph Historical Collection launch nears as waitlist reaches 460K

Thinking back fondly about certain moments in the crypto and blockchain industry’s wild past? Folks will soon be able to own history via Cointelegraph article digital collectibles, immortalizing those moments while also allowing a type of ownership, but purchasers might have to wait a tad longer. 

Originally planned for release at the start of November 2022, Cointelegraph’s Historical NFT collection will slightly delay its start in an effort to provide a fairer launch, due to overwhelming demand. As things stand, the product’s waitlist includes over 460,000 users.

Digital collectibles took the world by storm in 2021, providing a method of unique digital ownership through nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Cointelegraph announced its NFT collection on Oct. 14, 2022. Officially called “Historical,” Cointelegraph’s NFT collection will make it possible for readers to mint, own and trade specific Cointelegraph articles. This provides a way to collect memories from the crypto and blockchain industry’s exuberant history — memories that may later (or perhaps already do) provide nostalgia similar to that of old trading cards or newspaper articles.

Initially, Cointelegraph opened a waitlist that would grant 500 participants early access in November. The list quickly filled to capacity — within a matter of hours — and has grown to more than 460,000 participants over the past several weeks. Therefore, given the extensive demand, Mintmade (the platform Cointelegraph is working with for the collection) has updated the launch process to benefit more people while still prioritizing the first 500 on the waitlist.

The first 500 who joined the waitlist will still receive early minting access on day one. Additionally, Mintmade has decided to give randomly selected waitlist members early minting access for day two.

Each Cointelegraph article mintable as an NFT is only available in limited quantities, with a starting price of $20 each at the time of minting, so users may want to prioritize their top choices early. Mintmade will also issue a utility token known as “Minting Points.” Anyone interested can complete certain tasks to earn Minting Points, which then allow free article NFT minting. These tasks will be announced in certain partner locations. Minting Points cannot be purchased, only earned, so be sure to get involved in the action.

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Waitlisters will receive an email notification when it’s go time, which is expected in mid-November. Until then, however, readers can search for articles they would like to mint into NFTs and save those links so that they can jump right into minting when the doors open.