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Welcome back to the day two coverage of Web Summit, one of the leading tech conferences in the world, with over 71,000 attendees on day two. The summit is live in person in Lisbon, Portugal after two years.  The summit is known to bring together some of the most prolific personalities from the tech world together and in 2022 it’s no different.

Web3 has increasingly become the most talked about topic in the tech world and Web Summit is no different as leading tech giants such as Apple or Microsoft continue to explore ways to integrate and transition to the Web3 ecosystem.

After an eventful first day that saw some major Web3 announcements, including the Web3 alliance to prevent malicious phishing attacks, bad actors and Web3 domain collisions. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao talked about the importance of building during a bear market. 

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief, Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr sat down with crypto executives to discuss the emergence of Web3 tech hubs around the world. Check everything that happened on the first day from our live article, brought to you directly from our ground team. 

The Cointelegraph team is back on the ground to bring you some of the latest and exclusive insights from the event.

Web Summit day two kicked off with a discussion around nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and how these digital properties and ownership could become a way of life in the near future.

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11:00 – Crypto data analytic firm Chainalysis’s co-founder Michael Gronager was next on stage to discuss how crypto crimes have evolved over the years. Gronager noted that although the number of crypto crimes has gone down, the value of assets stolen in hacks has risen. At the same time laundering through crypto still remains one of the most difficult tasks.

Chainalysis co-founder Michael Gronager

10: 40-The second day kicked off with Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz discussing the future of NFTs and why they could become the future of digital ownership. Be it privacy, interoperability and identity everything is associated with ownership and Web3 would make way for that sort of ownership. 

Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz

Cointelegraph’s reporter Gareth Jenkinson is on the ground with the Sandbox co-founder Sébastien Borget to discuss some of the key developments around the project during a panel discussion, so stay tuned.

Cointelegraph reporter Gareth Jenkinson with The Sandbox founder Sébastien Borget

The cointelegraph team is live on the ground in Lisbon, starting the day with some coffee and local delicacies.