Steph Curry files trademark for the Curryverse: Nifty Newsletter, Oct. 26–Nov.1

In this week’s newsletter, read about how NBA superstar Stephen Curry filed a trademark application for his own metaverse, the Curryverse, where users play-to-earn nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Check out why TV streaming providers should start to incorporate NFTs into their programming. In other news, find out how an NFT vending machine made digital art more accessible at a London event. Last but not least, Nifty News highlighted NFT markets that are scrapping royalties and the launch of GameStop’s new NFT marketplace. 

Steph Curry files trademark for the Curryverse, where players earn NFTs

National Basketball League (NBA) megastar Stephen Curry filed an application for a trademark on Oct. 26 to create his own version of the Metaverse. The “Curryverse” will cater to the NBA star’s large fan base through virtual worlds and play-to-earn experiences.

If approved, it will grant the four-time NBA champion exclusive rights for “entertainment services, namely, personal and virtual and metaverse appearances.” According to the application, the Curryverse will entail online gaming services in which players will be able to earn NFTs.

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TV streaming providers should start relying on NFTs

NFTs could change the way subscription services work by allowing users to sell or rent out their subscriptions when they don’t need them. By using NFTs for subscription products, users can have access to gated content so long as they’re interested in the possibility of selling when no longer needed.

They also have the potential to take the relationship between the consumers and content to the next level. Content creators can benefit from a direct 1-1 relationship with engaged audiences. Creators can use NFTs to package content or incentivize particular behavior.

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NFT vending machine to make digital art more accessible at London event

MyNFT, a multichain NFT marketplace, announced it will showcase its first-ever physical NFT vending machine at this year’s NFT.London event scheduled for Nov. 2–4.

The platform hopes to create an easy and accessible means for people who want to start buying and trading digital assets without needing to get knee-deep in Web3 technicalities. The vending machine will even allow users to purchase an NFT without owning a digital wallet.

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Nifty News: LooksRare the latest NFT market to sack royalties, Twitter’s tweeting tiles and more

The NFT marketplace LooksRare is one of many to recently scrap enforced creator royalties. The move follows similar decisions by NFT marketplaces Magic Eden and X2Y2.

On Oct. 27, the platform tweeted that it would not be supporting creator royalties by default rather, it will share 25% of its protocol fees with NFT creators and collection owners. Buyers can still choose to pay royalties when purchasing an NFT, but it will be on an opt-in basis.

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Nifty News: GameStop NFT market goes live, Hong Kong’s NFT concept and more

The new NFT marketplace for American video game retailer GameStop went live on Ethereum layer-2 blockchain ImmutableX in the latest Web3 push from the gaming retailer.

The pair first partnered in February to build the marketplace offering a $100 million grant for NFT content creators and tech developers before a public beta of the NFT marketplace debuted in July. The full launch will allow for popular Web3 games on ImmutableX, such as the role-playing game Illuvium and Gods Unchained, to be accessed by users.

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