How Bitcoin helped a couple start a family

Bitcoin (BTC) gains helped “Noodle,” a London-based Bitcoiner, to afford in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments for his family. Noodle’s story comes to life in the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories.

IVF treatments can be expensive, with success rates ranging from 4% to 38%, depending on various factors. Fortunately, profits from buying and holding Bitcoin provided the necessary funds for Noodle to start a family.

Noodle, who first heard about Bitcoin in 2012, decided to sell some of his BTC to pay for IVF treatment for his wife. He favored selling BTC over taking out a loan, converting over $70,000 in Bitcoin into fiat currency over a few years to pay for the treatments.

Noodle’s journey with Bitcoin began when he was at the gym. An acquaintance introduced him to the Silk Road, a now-defunct marketplace where users could buy and sell various items using BTC. Noodle was convinced to buy 7 BTC at $57 each and ended up using it to buy cannabis online.

From that point on, Noodle fell down the rabbit holes of finance, education and the world of Bitcoin. He even convinced his wife, whom he had been with since 2008, to invest some of their wedding money into Bitcoin. Little did they know, this investment would eventually fund IVF treatments to help them have children.

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Despite the initial stigma around IVF, the Noodle family was able to have two children thanks to the profits from their Bitcoin investment. Noodle told Cointelegraph that he has “no regrets” about his decision to sell BTC to start a family and emphasized the importance of being able to make informed financial decisions.

For many people, the decision between holding Bitcoin or using it for practical purposes can be a difficult one. However, for Noodle, the choice to sell was a clear one, and he is grateful for the opportunity that his Bitcoin investment provided.